The Institute’s professional full examinations are normally held twice a year in June and December in designated centers in Nigeria.
June Examination

Examination Application Closing Date April
December Examination

Examination Application Closing Date October

Any application for examination entry received after the closing date will be retained and entered in the next examination. Confirmation of examination entry is by the examination summons including the examination time table, which is sent out one month before the examination. The Institute’s full examinations comprises of four levels, namely: Professional Examination Level 1 – 4

Use of Calculators Etc In Examination Hall
Candidates may use quiet and battery operated pocket calculators, slide rules, pencil (s), erasers and pen (s). Bringing of Bags into the examination hall is strictly prohibited.

Registered students whose qualifications merit exemptions will be encouraged to apply for these exemptions on a separate and prescribed form and will be required to pay a prescribed fee as may be determined from time to time by the Board of Regent/Council. Exemption is only for level one.

The Exemption form should be completed in full and returned to the institute with the following: (1.The appropriate fee (2. Certified photo copies of the following by the sponsor who must be a member of the Institute (2a. Relevant educational credentials (2b. Letter of registration with a professional accountancy body if applicable (2c. Statement of the last examination result. (3. Supporting evidence of practical experience if applicable (4. Letter of recommendation from the sponsor.

The ICPAN Diploma Scheme’s examinations are held twice in a Calendar year, April and October

April Examination
Examination Application Closing Date March

October Examination
Examination Application Closing Date September

Objective Of ICPAN Certified Diploma In Accounting & Finance ICPAN certified Diploma scheme is designed to meet the yearnings of the candidates who are aspiring to become members of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Nigeria who are unable to possess the required qualification to pursue the professional level of the Institute’s examinations. This scheme leads to award of certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance (C.Dip.AF)

To register for the scheme, candidate are eligible to possess: (a. West African School Certificate (WASC) or equivalent in at least 5 papers including English Language and Mathematics, or Accounting on credit level (b. R.S.A or equivalents (c. Ordinary National Diploma In Accountancy.

Ordinary National Diploma/Certificate. Holders of approved Ordinary National Diploma (OND) awarded by any recognized Nigerian Polytechnic or College of Technology, or Diploma awarded by any of Nigeria Universities will be granted exemption from parts 1 and 11. No exemption shall be granted in part 111

Application Forms
Candidates whishing to present themselves for examination must complete the ICPAN Diploma Scheme’s official examination form and return to the Institute together with the appropriate fee not later than March for April examinations and September… for October examinations. No late form will be accepted. Any candidate who after payment of the examination fee, withdraws his/her name or fail to present himself/herself for the examination, shall not be refunded with any part of the fee paid. However, council in its absolute discretion may transfer the fee to the next examination, if in it’s opinion the circumstances warrant the course of such permit

Level One
Paper 1 Financial Accounting 1
Paper 2 Economics
Paper 3 Law 1
Paper 4 Business Mathematics and Statistics
Paper 5 Public Administration
Paper 6 Management of Organizations

Level Two
Paper 7 Petroleum and Mineral Accounting
Paper 8 Cost Accounting
Paper 9 Auditing
Paper 10 Data Processing and System Analysis
Paper 11 Taxation
Paper 12 Public Finance

Level Three
Paper 13 Financial Accounting 11
Paper 14 Law 2
Paper 15 Management Accounting
Paper 16 Management Information System
Paper 17 Public Sector Accounting
Paper 18 Quantitative Analysis

Level Four
Paper 19 Advance Financial Accounting
Paper 20 Taxation and Tax Management
Paper 21Auditing and Investigation
Paper 22 Financial Management
Paper 23 Petroleum Management


Part One
1. Principles of Accounting
2. Economics
3. Business Mathematics & Statistics
4. Introduction to Business Management
5. Law 1

Part Two
1. General Studies
2. Public Accounting
3. Principles of Taxation
4. Public Administration
5. Auditing 1

6. Introduction to Computer and MIS (Data Processing)

Part Three

1. Costing
2. Business Law
3. Public Accounting 11
4. Taxation and Tax Management
5. Auditing Practice
6. Research Methods/Project

Examination Fee
Examination fee shall be determined by the Council from

time to time.